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My name is Danielle B Latta, I have lived in the outback, the coast and the inner city but now reside on a  small lush green hillside near a small town  just outside of Brisbane Australia, and love every minute of it.


A creative since I was able to pick up a pencil and brush, an artist since my first portrait sale in 1988.


Skills and styles have been shaped through my early work as portraitist while acquiring my Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and my work at Walt Disney Animation Australian. My portrait work gave me an eye for fine detail while my Disney work strengthened my drawing stroke. My early years of working and living in the City of Sydney (and all that comes with the lifestyle) allowing me time to explore arts emotion, power and ultimately a passion for my art.




The Running Duck Studio has been inspired by “the obvious”, the hilarious Indian Runner Ducks that inhabit my beautiful piece of paradise. Leaf, Snowy, Lightning, Shimmer…I could go on, they are the most comical bunch of feathered friends. And such is the feel of these artworks, light and playful with a good dab of fantasy adding a uniqueness like no other.


Strong Australian themes are present with the use of outback country scenes as back drops for the digital collages. The photos have been collected from my travels across Australia, in an exploration of its many faces.  My I love Australia themed photography can be viewed at


Ink and brush is serious fun, in its simplest form. Starting with only a basic idea (sometimes none) the free will of the ink as it splashes almost with its own agenda, shapes the artwork into something with a sense of freedom and emotion.  These artworks have a whimsical playful feel and are only sold as original artworks and not prints.




Visit The Visual Images Gateway site to explore the many facets of my artwork including:


  • Web design
  • Photography
  • Fantasy art
  • Graphic Design




Over the years I have discovered I can do any medium or style I set my mind to, and so can you. From detailed photo realistic images to whimsical characters, It’s all about practice and exploration. And for those of you who don’t have 27years to master a skill there is plenty who can show you how. And for those of you who have the desire but are trapped in the “I can’t even draw a stick figure” mentality if I can do what I do without any formal training or lessons Imagine what you can achieve with a little guidance.


There are many factors for  succeed in the art world but the best starting point is  to develop your own style . This is extremely hard with the world slowly closing in around us, weather  through over population or access to the worlds art through the Internet.  This is why I have always tended to lean towards the fantasy genre. This is where you can create something that you know no one has ever done before as its from your own imagination.  But even our imagination is constantly influenced by what is around us, who we meet and our why not someone with the same experiences have the same thoughts and ideas.


The Internet has opened the art world up like never before and the reality of the amount of brilliant artists out there is overwhelming. Finding yourself has never been more important. I look at detailed artwork that can easily be mistaken for a photo and am amazed at the skill… until I pick up my camera…Then when I look at the other end of the scale of abstracts, splats and rubs of colour and think wow that’s beautiful… but so is that, and that, and that…and then you get the “I can do that” kind of audience....what can you say about that....


One thing is for sure, the value in original hand made art over digital art will become very real as the market becomes flooded with the multitude of easily reproduced digital artworks . So hone those skills and explore your arty side as it will become an even more valuable asset in the future.



  • Where can I view the art in person

    • Bohemian Decor Shop 1/38 Williams st Dayboro QLD

    • Dayboro markets on the first Sunday of every month - Opposite the IGA  Williams st 7-12am QLD

    • Samford markets on the second Saturday of every month - Cnr Mt Samson rd and Serendipity Dr 7-12am QLD

    • Dayboro Art Gallery Cnr of Williams and Mt Mee Rd Dayboro QLD

    • Heart and Soul, 40 Main Street Samford, Queensland. 10am-4pm

    • Verde Of Montville 1/188 Main St Montville QLD 4552 (pillowcases)

    • Rendezvous - 2/1 Williams St,
      Dayboro QLD 4521

    • Ocean View Estates winery 2557 Mt. Mee Road, Ocean View, QLD 4521 (ink smalls)

    • Handmade Meets the Arts - Redcliffe Old Fire Station Gallery Sat 28th April

    • Dayboro Day Festival - Dayboro Sunday 27th May

    • Samford and Surrounds Arts Trail and Open Studios - Trail Link


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The Running Duck Studio is open

to the public the FIRST 3 weekends in

June as a part of the Samford and

Surrounds Arts Trail and Open Studios

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